Underdog No More

On October 17th, 2020 number 2 pound for pound lightweight champion of the world Vasyl “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko fought lightweight champion “Takeover” Teofimo Lopez in one of the most anticipated bouts since Wilder vs Fury to unify the IBF, WBO, WBA, and the Ring Magazine 

These fighters are no stranger to winning both with decorated amateur careers, Vasyl 396-1 and Lopez 150-20.

When the bell rang and the match on its way we saw everything we are used to seeing from Lomachenko a slow start scanning his opponent for the later rounds but we could not say the same for Lopez.

Teofimo is known for his power and bringing the fight to his opponent. 

That is not what we saw from Lopez early on. Lopez made sure he was first without wasting his punches and surgically picking his shots against Loma. The question was can Lopez box Loma or will he get outclassed similar to the Mayweather Canelo bout.

Lopez did exactly what his name indicates in the early stages of the fight and that is “Take Over” winning all of the early rounds digging a giant hole for Loma to attempt to climb out of.

But did you expect Vasyl to go down easy? Not a chance!

As stated earlier Hi-tech collects data on his opponent then brings the fight.

Lomachenko started putting on the pressure and started winning rounds.

 The fight went down to the wire.

Although Loma but together some rounds at the end, He could not dig himself out of the grave Teofimo dug for him!


Takeover won the match by unanimous decision although some people were not happy with how far spread the scores were but everyone does agree Teofimo won the fight.

This makes him the youngest fighter in history to unify 4 championships.

Down below is the All Sports Cleveland unofficial scorecard.

Lopez Lomachenko
10 9
10 10
10 9
10 9
10 9
10 9
10 9
9 10
9 10
9 10
9 10
10 9
Total Total
116 113

This stacked lightweight division has fighter like Ryan Garcia, Gervonte Davis, and Devin Haney so what’s for Teofimo Lopez.

Trouble In Paradise

Embarrassed, disgruntled, below average, subpar, unprepared, damaging these are some of the more pleasant words to describe the Cleveland Browns last Sunday as they were completely dismantled by the Pittsburgh Steelers losing 38-7 in this division match up pushing their record to 4-2 and keeping them ranked 3rd in the AFC north.
Baker Mayfield was going into the game labeled as questionable but ultimately made the start. Baker was on the back end of a lot of big hits and with his already ready injured ribs in question and playing as poor as he was head coach Kevin Stefanski benched baker late 3rd quarter for veteran backup Case Keenum.
On Baker’s first drive of the game, he threw a pick 6 to Mica Fitzpatrick and it was all downhill from there.
Baker went 10-18 for 119 yards. He threw 2 picks and was sacked 4 times.
Do we think the injury is what prevented baker from having a good game or is it time to move on and not waste the talent this Brown’s team has?
With the loss of Nick Chubb, the Cleveland offense has been stagnant.
The body language of Cleveland’s wide receiver core makes it seem as they will not put up with Baker’s inability to make a play downfield much longer.
OBJs energy told a story watching on the sidelines arguing with fans with no cleats on his feet.
Although the browns only have two losses the combined score of those losses is 76-13. The Browns defense has not been able to hold a team under 20 points all season. The good teams score on us and so do the bad.
Before this week’s game the questions were “Are the Browns the real deal”, “Can the Browns be contenders” now the questions are “Is baker the right fit for this team”, “is Baker toxic” “Can baker be elite”.
Next week the Browns face the Cincinnati can they keep the same energy they had before losing Pittsburgh?

Rivalry Renewed?

Rivalry week is upon us here in Cleveland as the 4-1 Browns saddle up to go head to head with the 4-0 Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday at Heinz field in which many people would consider the game of the week.  

This hasn’t been much of a rivalry in recent history with the browns record standing at 7-32 since their return in 1999. These two franchises have met a total of 136 times. The Steelers lead the franchises in wins with a record of 76-59-1 with only two of those games appearing in the postseason.

The Browns were able to split the season series last year beating Pittsburgh in their first meeting 21-7 and Cleveland went ballistic. Although Cleveland got the win on the scoreboard it ultimately was a loss losing Myles Garrett due to a suspension after getting into a fight with Qb Mason Rudolph where Garrett rips off Rudolph’s helmet and swing it at his head after allegedly being called a racial slur. It doesn’t justify Garrett’s actions but it should be noted that during the altercation mason attempted to rip Myles’s helmet off first. Here is A clip of the NFL broadcast when it took place.

It seems as Myles Garrett has matured since then but this is the first time Myles will be playing against Pittsburgh since the incident. Will Myles come with a vengeance this Sunday just to prove a point? Here is a video of Garrett opening up about the altercation on ESPN.

Will the Browns win this Sunday? There are some key points why I think they take home the win this week. Number 1 the browns have the best rushing offense in the league. Pittsburgh is ranked 14th in rushing defense this year.

Even without Nick Chubb who is still out with a knee injury, I believe Kareem Hunt and company have what it takes to methodically march down the field on the Pittsburgh defense.

Number 2 is Cleveland’s offensive line. I know that may be a surprise to many due to the fact the O-line has struggled in recent years. Jedrick Wills seems to be a great fit as Wyatt Teller, J.C. Tretter, and Bitonio have been giving baker the time he needs in the pocket to make big plays only giving up 7 sacks thus far. The offensive line as a true test this week guarding the league’s 5th best pass rusher T.J. Watt.

Last but not least the third key to the browns victory will be Myles Garrett of course. He said the past is behind him but I think he wants to make a statement on why he’s the best pass rusher in the game sitting at number 2 in sacks only behind Aaron Donald that leads Garrett by a sack and half. What better time cement you’re the best then against your division rivals. I believe there is still bad blood here above the rivalry although Mason Rudolph is not playing, when Myles Garrett is the person rushing the quarterback no one is safe.

Bow Down To The King!

This has been one of the most memorable NBA seasons of all time and it has finally come to an end with the 2020 LeBron lead Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA Finals defeating the Miami Heat and taking home the Larry O’Brien trophy for the 17th time in their history.
King James lead the charge for the lake show averaging 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 8.5 assists capturing his fourth NBA championship and fourth Finals MVP in his 10th finals appearance with his 3rd different team.
Robert Horry, John Salley, LeBron James, and ironically enough Danny green are the only player in NBA history to win a championship with 3 different teams.
Something should be noted about The Chosen one since arriving in Miami in 2010 there has been a trend. LBJs second year in Miami he won a title.
When the King decided his kingdom in Cleveland needed him again he sharpened Excalibur and went to war defeating a 73-9 Warriors team down 3-1 in the finals in his second year back in The Land.
Did you catch the trend yet?
L-Train then decided to take his talents to the west where people said he would never win a title.
They said the east was weak and his path was easy ignoring the fact that he took a Cavs team to the finals with their second-leading scorer being Larry Hughes averaging 14.9 points a game.
In year two with the Lakers, the king leads them to a title.
LeBron continues to shatter records and it doesn’t look like he will be slowing down any time soon.
Father Time has been kind to the king and some debates can no longer be debated.
What more can they say to argue that LeBron isn’t the greatest of all time. Jordan needed his Robin (Pippen) LeBron isn’t batman like MJ was.
LeBron is superman and the leader of the justice league and he “wants his damn respect”!


Dog check! For the first time in 26 years, the Cleveland Browns are 4-1 coming off another immense win against the Indianapolis Colts in week 5 of the 2020/21 season. The Browns toppled the Colts 23-32.

The last time the Browns were 4-1 Bill Belichick was their coach and Vinny Testaverde was QB. The year was 1994.

 Baker Mayfield had a QBR of 85.3 completing 21/37 passes, throwing for 247 yards, and 2 interceptions. Although Baker threw 2 picks last game those were his first since week 2 against the Bangles.

Baker’s favorite target Jarvis Landry had 4 reception for 88 yards off of 9 targets.

Early in the first quarter Jarvis endured a big hit and made a visit to the medical tent giving Browns fans across Ohio a scare. Landry has had a fair amount of time on the browns injury report with his hip and as we look at the tape that’s where it seemed the hit took place. Jarvis ultimately returned to the game with what they said was allegedly “getting the wind knocked out of him”. Hopefully, it was nothing more than that.

The browns go into week 6 on a 4 game win streak with all of the momenta they need to go to war with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although Pittsburgh is 4-0 they have not been tested this year, with all of their opponents having a combined record of 3-15-1.

This is a monumental game for the Browns this season as fans are loving the new look of the Browns they are still very skeptical for they know 

Browns Injuries

The Cleveland Brown are on one of the most memorable hot streaks in recent memory with new rookie head coach Kevin Stefanski leading the charge.

In a recent blog, All sports Cleveland touched on the severity of Nick Chubb’s injury putting him on the Browns IR.

The Browns are gearing up to go to battle with the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday, although the browns offense has been performing phenomenally there are somethings fans should be aware of and look out for in this week’s game.

Our focus today is how extensive this week’s injury report is whether the injuries are severe or not.as we all know small injuries may lead to big ones if taken care of properly. Here’s a look at the brown most recent injury report via Browns.com.




  Stephen Carlson





  Adrian Clayborn





  Tae Davis





  Porter Gustin





  Kareem Hunt





  Andy Janovich





  Jarvis Landry





  Larry Ogunjobi





  Jacob Phillips





  Sheldon Richardson





  Sione Takitaki





  JC Tretter





  Greedy Williams





  Jedrick Wills Jr.





For more information visit https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/injury-report/

Lakers Heat Game 4

With game 4 of the NBA finals approaching and the Lakers leading the Miami Heat in the series 2-1 this is not unfamiliar territory for LeBron winning every series this postseason in no more than 5 games.

But will this series be any different?

A very young and hungry Heat look to dethrone the King as an 8 point underdog going into game 4.

Although the Heat was able to contain the Lakers offense game 3 holding Anthony Davis to 15 points 5 rebounds and LeBron to 26 points, will they be able to mustard up that same energy with Bam moved to questionable out with a neck injury and Dragic doubtful with his foot?


Both players have played key roles in the Miami Heat’s success this season.

Giving Jimmy Butler has been playing lights out and with the emergence of the 13th overall pick young star Tyler Herro out of Kentucky some have room believe that they can pull off the upset, but this is the NBA Finals. They are facing LeBron James.

Some will make the argument that these young players have somewhat of an advantage with no fans because it minimizes the pressure of the Finals with no boos, no hecklers, no disappointing aura from the crowd after missing a big shot.

On the other hand, LeBron in year 17 has had his most efficient season as a pro and has been capping off certain goat arguments.

Some analysts have gone as far as saying Anthony Davis compliments LeBron more than any other teammate in his career.  

That includes D-wade, Kyrie Irving, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, Shaq, Ray Allen, and arguably many more.

How will the Laker bounce back from their game 3 loss?

Was it just a minor hiccup or will the Miami Heat come out swinging with hail marry haymakers punch the Lakers in the mouth steal all the momentum and tie the series 2-2 going into game five?

We find out tonight!


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Touchdown Browns!

The sun is shining brighter! The food is tasting better! The grass is greener, and the colors are a lot more vibrant.

Specifically brown and orange on this beautiful Browns victory Monday!

That’s right our Cleveland Browns expand their winning streak to three after an electrifying game against the Dallas Cowboys!

This is the first time since 2001 that the browns start a season 3-1.

The Browns defeated the Cowboys 49-38 with the fourth quarter being a nail bitter and the Dallas Cowboys scoring 24 unanswered points.

The last time the brown put up 49 points was September 16th, 2007 with a 51-45 victory in the Battle of Ohio versus the Bangles.

The game was ultimately put out of reach with a flea-flicker jet sweep to Odell Beckham Jr, He ran the ball for 50 yards and a touchdown.

Bakers Mayfield’s post-game interviews never fail to entertain when asked,

 “Baker, do you know the last time the Browns were 3-1?” someone asked. Mayfield replied, “No and I don’t really care.

Is it safe to say he has grown up a lot from feeling dangerous?

I think it’s too early to tell if this Browns team is the real deal with all the heartbreak this city has felt, but I do believe we are trending in the right direction.

Unfortunately, this game was not all great with Cleveland’s elite running back Nick Chubb getting placed on the IR after injuring his right knee.

This is a very scary situation for the browns.

In 2015 back in Georgia Chubb suffered a gruesome left knee injury.

 Chubb tore the PCL, MCL, and LCL in his left knee. He also dislocated the knee and suffered cartilage damage.

Here at allsportcleveland.com we are hoping for a speedy recovery for our superstar RB and can’t wait to see him back in action. Down below is a link to help our fans understand Chubb’s injury.

Down Goes The Tribe

There has been a lot of ups and a lot of downs this MLB season but unfortunately, it did not end on a
high for our Cleveland Indians as they suffered another heartbreaking defeat against the New York
Yankees in the AL wildcard game yesterday at Progressive Field. The tribe did not go out with a fight
with the score of 10-9 this was an absolute slobber knocker! The tribe started strong putting up 4
runs in the first inning. Three of those runs after 2 rain delays something the tribe should be used to at this point. Sean Carlo Stanton hit a solo home run to put the Bombers on the board in the top of the second inning. Then at the top of the fourth Gio Urshela Hits a breathtaking gland slam sending the ball deep into the left-center field putting the Yankees on top 5-4. At the top of the 5th inning, the Yankees would tack on one more. At the bottom of the 5th, A big hit from Jose Ramirez would clock in 2 more runs sending Lindor and Hernandez home. Then at the top of the 6th just like they drew it up Gary Sanchez hits a home run putting New York on top 8-6. At the bottom of the 7th the tribe would tie the game 8-8.
Then off a Hernandez base hit to take the lead 9-8 in the bottom of the 8th. That was then followed by a
Yankees double play to end the inning. Brad hand unfortunately could not close out the game giving up
2 runs putting the score at 10-9 and ending the Tribes season. Lindor was asked by the media how this
Felt. Did it feel like a playoff game? He responded with no it felt like a “big game late in the season” not
a playoff game. seems like a red flag if you ask me. How will the tribe manage to mustard up some playoff wins losing 11 playoff games since 2016. We will have to wait and see were this offseason takes

High School Football

With the high school football season coming to end it’s almost like it didn’t take place. The shortened

the season due to Covid-19 is a game away from being over with teams playing 6 games instead of 10.

The rivalries did not feel the same for some teams and the atmosphere for games like the holy war did

not take your breath away. On the bright side, postseason football is near and All Sports Cleveland is

here to provide you with Maxpreps top 10 power ranking!

1 Archbishop Hoban (Akron) 4-0 65.6 26.0 +1
2 Pickerington Central (Pickerington) 5-0 64.5 16.8 -1
3 Dublin Coffman (Dublin) 5-0 56.5 32.0 +2
4 St. Edward (Lakewood) 4-1 56.3 45.1 -1
5 St. Xavier (Cincinnati) 3-2 55.7 47.4 -1
6 Central Catholic (Toledo) 3-0 55.0 26.2 +1
7 Mentor 4-1 54.4 39.2 -1
8 Chardon 5-0 53.4 22.5 +2
9 Washington (Massillon) 4-1 51.0 34.4
10 La Salle (Cincinnati) 3-2 50.6 43.3 -2